Types of Drug Tests Employers Can Use

Many employers choose to drug test employees at various stages of their employment. Many employers drug test before offering a person a job, as well as during random occasions, after accidents, and other occasions they see fit.  Drug testing saves employers cash, time, and hassle while keeping others on the job safe. A person who comes in to work under the influence of drugs poses a risk to the health and safety of everyone in the building.

If you are interested in providing drug testing houston tx at your business, there are a few types of drug tests that you can choose from. Each drug test type has pros and cons to consider before opting to use the test. Read more about the most commonly used types of drug tests below.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug tests are the most commonly used type of test. It is the industry standard test for workplace drug testing and is federally approved to use on employees. It’s also the most affordable option to use to detect drug use.

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Oral Fluid Testing

Also called the mouth swab or oral swabbing, the oral fluid testing works by swabbing the individual’s mouth with a cotton swab and processing the saliva from the mouth to detect the presence of drugs. This test is more thorough than a urine test and detects the presence of drugs for longer periods of time.

Hair Testing

A hair follicle drug test is yet another option that employers who want to give employees drug tests can choose from. The hair follicle test is more precise than either of the options above. The hair follicle is taken by the root from the hair where it is sent to a lab for analyzation. This test can take time to complete.