Massage Has Plenty Of Science But It Is Definitely An Art

Imagine this for a moment; you’re lying on a massage table, the floor to ceiling windows are slightly open. You can hear the sea in the distance. The word for what you hear is susuration – it means that noise the sea makes, the whispering sort of noise. The sheer curtains billow in the wind.  There’s a lovely aroma somewhere between patchouli and frankincense but you’re not certain.  Best of all, someone is working that knot out of your shoulder blade and you feel marvelous.

There’s a lot of work into making that fantasy. Not least is the work that the masseuse had to do to get there. For something that seems as straight forward as Foot Massage Arvada has much more about it than it seems. To become a massage therapist is a demanding process. Not only is it an intensely physical job, it requires a great deal of knowledge about how the body works from a biological process to how it is connected physically. A massage therapist will understand that the pain in your foot is connected to the tenseness in your glutes.

Foot Massage Arvada

When you’re in the hands of a good therapist, you will experience some curious effects. You will actually feel one part of your body responding to another part being manipulated. This is all part of treating the body as a whole and connected entity where you are treated as a whole including what you do, eat and how you feel as a whole.

You might think this sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but in reality, everything is connected, especially in the body. If you don’t have enough protein it will be evident. If you’re tense from running it will show in the body. Don’t think you can hide anything from a massage therapist.